The final hours

We Leave Tomorrow!

Ate way too much food at a Memorial Day BBQ with my family, and then made some final adjustments to the bikes. 

I bought a notebook to keep a journal of our travels. In it, I wrote some inspiring quotes and mantras that I may need as the days and weeks go on. 


There are a few people that we will be staying with along the way or whom have helped greatly in the planning and execution of this trip. I bought them each this cool bottle of wine called “Paseo” (which means “ride” or “trip” in Spanish), which has a bike on it! (We're not carrying these with us, obviously).

Spent all day calling family and emailing potential hosts on * I have family all along the NW coast of Michigan, including an aunt who owns a genuine Michigan Cherry Orchard that we're going to be camping in! 

Our route is more-or-less finalized. That may sound like a crazy thing to say the day before departure, but as I’ve learned with bike touring, you never really know when you’ll be where… weather, unusual routes and detours, cool festivals that you may happen upon, or an unexpected injury (or hangover) that happens upon you - it’s all part of the journey! So we have at least a tentative route. However, this is what happens when one person does all the planning… the other person draws maps like this: 


*I just signed up for, a website that connects traveling cyclists with hosts that allow them space in their yard or house. I was hesitant to sign up for the site, because I’m not very outgoing and I was worried about the creep factor, plus it appeared that there were no hosts in Michigan. But I was wrong! You have to sign up to view all hosts, and there are more than 100 in Michigan alone, and in fact the site offers host-homes world-wide! I emailed 3 people about a stay in Ludington, and all three emailed me back within hours offering me their yard to camp in! These nice people have made arrangements with me so that no matter what we have a place to stay and water to drink!  If anything falls through with my family or campsites are full, it is reassuring to know that I am just a click away from a generous fellow-cyclist willing to lend me their backyard to camp in!